Nick Cushing: “A dominant performance but area to improve.”

Manchester City Manager Nick Cushing talked of the satisfaction over his sides 2-0 win at home to Zvezda Perm to register his sides first ever Champions League victory.

Talking of the importance of winning the game Cushing said; “I think it will be important mentally for us. The players will feel a little more content now and a little more settled because of the amount of the ball we had. I thought we dominated the game, yeah we can be better in the final third at creating clear cut chances but I thought were in control of the game at 1-0. 2-0 is better but 1-0 is enough for me I was content at 1-0.”

Asked on his thoughts on playing in the Champions League he responded; “It was a great experience for the team, I think that game was a great experience. It was a little bit of a game of chess. We wanted to win the tie and keep a clean sheet, we met our objective.”

City travel to Russia on Monday ahead of Wednesday afternoon’s second leg and the City manager was positive about his sides chances of winning the game on the night: “I feel confident that we can go away now and do the work on the training pitch and put a game plan together to make sure that we limit Zvezda’s opportunities on our goal. Our game plan won’t change we’ll try and dominate the ball.”

“We’ll go into the tie exactly the same, try and keep a clean sheet as we have done this year on more than one occasion and try and dominate the ball. We will go to win the game in Zvezda, that’s for sure.”

On being how Zvezda differed from domestic opposition he responded: “I knew they would be resolute, I knew they would be a hard team to beat, I knew they would come here to try and limit us.” “If were better than we were tonight then we will give ourselves the chance to win in Russia.”

Having been asked earlier in the week if City could go all the way and win it in their first season the Manchester City manager was pragmatic in his response: “People expect us to be one of the best teams in the Champions League. I’ve heard all the talk this week about can we go all the way. This is so early for us in Champions League football, we’ve never played Champions League football, you can see out there. The players expect to dominate games and we expect to dominate games.”

Manchester City’s return leg takes place next Wednesday, 3pm BST. Their final home game see’s them face Birmingham City at home on October 30th in a repeat of the Continental Cup Final.


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